Procedure / Training charts / Signs

HDi Procedure Training Charts


Daily Vacuuming English | Spanish

Carpet Spotting English | Spanish

Extraction Cleaning English | Spanish

Restroom / Locker Room

Restroom Cleaning English | Spanish

Shower Room Cleaning English | Spanish

Restroom Care - Spartan Chemical English

Kitchen / Dining Areas

Kitchen/Food Prep Cleaning English | Spanish

Dining Area Cleaning English | Spanish

General Cleaning

Removing Trash/Dusting English | Spanish

Vomit Clean-Up Infographic English


Hand Washing Reminder Poster English/Spanish

Hand Washing Procedure Poster English/Spanish

Handwashing Procedure English/Spanish/French

High Touch Surfaces Poster English

'We use Spartan Disinfectants' Sign English

Hard Floors

Daily Floor Maintenance English | Spanish

Top Scrubbing English | Spanish

Spray Buffing/Burnishing English | Spanish

Applying Floor Finish English | Spanish

Stripping Floor Finish English

GHS Labels & SDS

How to read GHS labels and SDS English | Spanish

Cleaning Logs

Restroom Maintenance Log English | Spanish

Restroom Maintenance Log 2021 English and Spanish

Restroom Cleaning (Date/Time) Log English

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