HDi - Experience a clean facility!

Experience That Gets Results

HDi has roots going all the way back to 1938. Thats a lot of years to gain the experience we have in the janitorial and paper supply industry. This experience provides solutions you need to keep your facility clean and running smoothly.


Thousands of Customers
We provide services to thousands of customers. Churches, fire departments, small businesses and most of the larger companies in the area. We’ve got the experience and solutions to help your business.

Staff Averages 20+ Years
Would you like to deal with experienced people? Our average experience is 20+ years, that’s a lot of knowledge.

Janitorial and Paper Industry Expertise
With roots going back to 1938 and current management since 1986 we have lots of Industry experience. We know solutions that will definitely reduce your workload that result in the lowest costs.

HDi staff is constantly being trained on the best solutions for you. And we’re happy to show you how you can implement these solutions to reduce your workload.

The results are in, we have hundreds of customers that can attest to the GREAT solutions we provide.

Implement Solutions
Would you like to implement solutions that will reduce your total cost by 35%? HDi can help you do just that. It’s easy do and we can even provide the staff to get it done for you.