The HDi Advantage Newsletter

May 2024

Reduce Your Workload with VMI
Hog Heaven Mats VS. Traditional Diamond Plate Mats
Clean on the Go Dispensing System
Easy 5-Ingredient Key Lime Pie Bars

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April 2024

Green Solutions Cleaning Chemicals
BioRenewables Cleaning Chemicals
Recycled Towels and Controlled Use Dispensers
Penne Pasta with Spinach and Bacon

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March 2024

Restroom Necessities!--
Scensibles 360 bags
Eco Air passive aire freshener
Urinal Screens
Lemon Cream Cheese Bars

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February 2024

Contempo Carpet Spotting Kit
Protect Your Team with Disinfectants
Snow & Ice Melt
Concept 915 for Ice Melt Residue
Buffalo Chicken French Bread Pizzas

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January 2024

It Looks Clean, But How Does It Smell?
Set-up & Filling The Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser
Snow & Ice Melt
Baked Pears

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