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Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)

Inventory HDi has been providing Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) to our customers for over 40 years. We developed the concept that is now an industry standard.
VMI functions by providing a dedicated vendor managed inventory rep for your location, who comes on the same day, around the same time at the interval that works best for your company (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.). During their routine visit, they assess your inventory, coordinate with management, take orders for supplies not routinely ordered, train staff on proper usage of products, answer questions and place an order for janitorial, paper, safety and other routine products. HDi has hundreds of customers who benefit from this service. Many customers have relied on VMI to increase productivity and efficiency at their business for over 40 years.
- You have an experienced dedicated VMI rep that knows your specific requirements.
- Reduces your company’s workload.
- Get quick answers to your questions. Because we are on site on a regular basis, often managers will have sticky notes placed by their desk with questions. This eliminates the time consuming process of calling a vendor, locating someone with an answer or solution and dispersing the information to your staff.
- Minimal involvement in the purchasing process, allowing your staff to spend more time dedicated to their key responsibilities.
- We provide training to your staff, saving your business time and money, while ensuring our products are used in the most efficient and correct manner.
- We are familiar with the location of your inventory. Often, we have customers contact our office with an immediate product need. Because your rep is familiar with your inventory and product location, we are able to help you locate products that should be in stock. Recently, we had a customer contact us needing toilet paper. Our rep was able to tell them there is toilet paper located under the stairs by the women's restroom. This saved the company time and money and helped them avoid purchasing unnecessary product.

Internet Ordering

We have given our customers the ability to place their orders over the Internet since 2000, long before most other vendors. However, we don’t stop at simply allowing Internet ordering, we make this purchase process far more beneficial than other vendors. Ask your rep for more information about our exclusive Internet ordering program
- Hassle-free ordering over hundreds of safety, paper and janitorial products, all in one convenient location.
- Customers can place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Barcoded Products

Barcode HDi has been using barcoding for over 30 years. Although many customers don’t use the manufacturer’s barcode, HDi’s barcoding system has a great impact on your operation. Barcoding eliminates receipt of erroneous products. With our four-point electronic check system, we correctly deliver what you ordered the first time.
- Reduces your workload, because you no longer need to return incorrect products.
- Eliminates miss-shipped products.
- Reduces paperwork for returned products.

Specialty Cleaning

cleaning The newest HDi innovation is offering high quality specialty project work. We have over $85,000 of state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to provide unparalleled specialty work. Our trained staff can clean your carpets, chairs, partitions, tile and grout and refinish tile floors in a fraction of the time your own staff could complete the job and for a fraction of the cost.
- No need to spend valuable time training your staff.
- No need to purchase or rent expensive equipment that may require maintenance, repairs or fail to do an adequate job.
- Keeps your staff focused on their key responsibilities.
- Reduces your workload.
- Provides a clean, sanitary environment that is safe and enjoyable for your staff and customers.
-Helps keep your office cleaner long after our job is done. We had one customer who had struggled with carpet stains for years. After having our expert staff clean their carpets, she called to comment months later. The carpets were still free of those stains and wished she'd had the carpets professionally cleaned long before. By providing a clean workspace, you set the expectation for a clean work place. Carpets all but ruined with spills allows the assumption that more spills won’t matter and before you know it, your carpets are ruined beyond repair, costing tens of thousands of dollars to replace. However, if someone spills on carpets that are clean, they will make the effort to clean their mess before it sets in, salvaging the carpet and saving your business money.

Innovative Solutions

solutions HDi is constantly looking for solutions that reduce your labor and cost. For example, we started providing our customers with foaming hand soap long before it became an industry standard. What we knew then and what others in the industry later discovered was the foaming hand soap reduced wasteful usage and time intensive dispenser changes by 75%. This is just one small example of innovations we discovered to reduce our customer’s cost and workload.
- Reduced workload. You can be confident that we are constantly offering you innovative ways to save time and money. You no longer have to spend valuable time searching for innovative products - we do the leg work for you!
- Reduced product cost by finding products that provide you the most bang for your buck, without sacrificing the high quality you will come to expect from HDi.

Signature Capture

The HDi business software provides a benefit we call signature capture, similar to what UPS offers when they deliver a product. Our system even goes one step further by placing a copy of the signature and printed name of the person who received the product, the date and the quantity received directly on your invoice.
- Reduces your workload by eliminating the need to search for the person who signed for an order.
- These innovative solutions not only reduce your workload, they also reduce the cost you pay for products. By utilizing innovative business practices, we were saving money as a business long before our peers and we can share those savings with our customers. Additionally, you can request the use of some of our innovations with other vendors with whom you do business, helping to save you money not only on the products and services we provide, but on every product and service your company uses.